Saturday, 5 December 2015


The following is a list of YAACC Board members:

Edward Nkhata (acting Chairperson) :

He has worked as District Civic Education Officer for the National Initiative for Civic Education, Mzimba District. He has vast NGO experience with experience in grass-root mobilisation.

Katoto Mtambo

He works for the Anti Corruption Bureau, Mzuzu, as a Corruption Prevention Officer. Has some teaching background. He has vast knowledge of social mobilisation and organizational procedures.

Mbwenu Chirwa

Has a theological background and currently works as one of the senior officer for the Church of Christ, Mzimba. He has vast experience of community processes.

Davie Mkandawire

He worked for World Vision Malawi for over a decade. His experience in development programmes brings an extra layer to YAACC.

Yona Mwandira

He  is a retired Teacher and an active community activist.  YAACC shall not lack guidance when it comes to developing community programmes with his presence.

Prisca Msowoya

She works for WORLEC, a development organisation. She also brings in a lot of organizational experience.

Sella Wakisa Mwagomba

She works for the Forestry Department, Mzimba office. She brings in a lot of technical experience on environmental issues. 

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